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Re: Bug#515826: document that virtual_root.force_probe=1 is required for jensen

On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 10:29:05PM +0200, Nicolas François wrote:
> > > Maybe in the next release it worth adding some lines to aboot.conf like with
> > > "virtual_root.force_probe=1".
> > > (or mention it in the release notes that this parameter is a must for the
> > > Jensen)

> > It seems unlikely that there will be a release of the alpha port with Debian
> > squeeze, but we can certainly put this on the list for documenting in the
> > release notes for Debian 5.0.1.

> Does it impact upgrades, or is there already a special kernel for Jensen?

There was no special kernel for the Jensen and should not be one.  I don't
know if previous Debian releases worked on Jensen; this bug report is the
only discussion of the Jensen subarch that there's been on debian-alpha in a
number of years.

> Should it be mentioned in the release notes or in the installation manual?
> (or both)

If it affects upgrades (which I had assumed it did), it should go in the
release notes; since it definitely affects installs it should definitely go
there as well, in the best case.

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