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Re: Bug#497230: [alpha] legacy and generic package descriptions

On Mon 17 Nov 2008, Matthew W. S. Bell wrote:

> Further investigation eventually reveals that the only change in the
> kernels is the CONFIG_ALPHA_LEGACY_START_ADDRESS. This option has the
> following help:
> -
> The 2.4 kernel changed the kernel start address from 0x310000 to
> 0x810000 to make room for the Wildfire's larger SRM console. Recent
> consoles on Titan and Marvel machines also require the extra room.
> If you're using aboot 0.7 or later, the bootloader will examine the ELF
> headers to determine where to transfer control. Unfortunately, most
> older bootloaders -- APB or MILO -- hardcoded the kernel start address
> rather than examining the ELF headers, and the result is a hard lockup.

Hmm, I have no problem booting a 2.6 kernel on my XLT which uses MILO.
It even booted 2.6.27, but immediately after that paniced with at the
end an "Aaiiieee, not not syncing"; the cause was scrolled off the
screen then :-(
So back to my kernel for the time being (recompiling a kernel
is a non-trivial task on my alpha, taking about 2 hours...)


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