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Re: lenny+1 and the future of the alpha port?

Hi Steve and everybody here!

I am a proud Linux user and an Alpha AXP fan (for what it means these days...) I think that having Linux support on Alpha is still a positive goal, like having m68k support and taking care about 386/486/586 vintage machines. I am not interested into m68k, or vintage x86, but I like that there is still some care about the really lower end of computing and for architectures that have no hardware support by vendors, but still some users around the world.

Of course, running Linux on Alpha today means running Debian.
Of course, I understand that having a full new release of Debian for 50 users around the world is a very hard task.

What is your part of work in the Debian Alpha port?
Do you take care of daily installer builds, or have also to hack some code? I have some Alphas (best machine a 2x500 DS20) and if I have some reason to put them at work, I will be proud to do it. Anyway, hacking the code could be a difficult task at times, but I don't know how much work it takes you to do each build.

Could the Alpha port live with an older installer?
Could it live with Lenny installer even when we would be at Lenny+1 or Lenny+2, Lenny+3... ?

Anyway, I still consider myself as an Alpha user since I only have alphas (and vaxen) at home and only use x86 for work in office.
So, if there is something I could do to help, I will do.


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