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G450 on Avanti (Alphastation 200 4/166)


maybe someone is interested in the following information: It's possible to 
use a Matrox G450 DH PCI on the DEC Avati platform. I was successful in 
getting one of these cards to run in my Alphastation 200 4/166. Be sure to 
use the latest SRM firmware (v7.0-9). The SRM bios emulation is not able to 
use the Matrox with the original Matrox bios (I've tried v1.3 and v1.4 
without success). The trick is to update the G450 to the v2.00-36 firmware 
which is provided by IBM for it's Intellistation series. Just search on 
IBM's support site with the keyword G450 and you will find an entry which is 
called QE3T03A. The update process requires that the G450 is used in an 
normal x86-PC. After updating the bios you can use the G450 with the 
Alphastation. Be patient: It takes up to 5 seconds until the bootup screen 
appears. On debian you also have to compile the Kernel for G400/G450 support 
if you want to use the framebuffer.
BTW, if you've got an old Avanti Alphastation and want to upgrade the 
memory, the Kingston KTV-Z6000/512 is a good choice. I've upgraded my Alpha 
with this kit to 384 MB. 36-bit PS/2 RAM is hard to find.
I've made the experience that an original Mylex DAC960PD-3 RAID controller 
runs great in the Avanti Alphastation when the latest DEC firmware for KZPSC 
(release v2.70) is flashed. I've used an external flash device to program 
the Intel flash chip. It's possible to configure the RAID configuration with 
the DEC utility (you have to use ARC to start the program) and to boot from 
the RAID array out of SRM. The DEC firmware also supports SCSI harddisks 
manufactured from other brands (IBM for example).
I hope that someone can use this information.

Regards, Eike 

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