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Re: [stable] aboot - support recent kernels, fix build issues

On 27 May 2008, at 9:56 am, dann frazier wrote:

etch's aboot doesn't permit booting recent 2.6 kernels. While
backporting a fix for this issue, I ran into a couple of other build
issues that prevent etch's aboot from being rebuilt properly.

The proposed patch for this update and more detailed explanations are
available here:

This package is currently orphaned, but the previous maintainer did

Other than the testing I mentioned above, I've also had successful test
reports from Bdale and Tim Cutts (on albeniz.d.o, iirc).

This is obviously a requirement for alpha support in etchnhalf since
2.6.24 adds the ELF header incompatability. (Though releasing w/o
alpha support is an option as well).

2.6.24 has been a right royal PITA to get working on albeniz. Once the aboot stuff was sorted (thanks Dann and Steve for your help with that), I found that it couldn't find its root filesystem because of a race condition in SCSI enumeration and software RAID, which I solved by adding a manual 10 second rootdelay parameter to the kernel command line.

Once I was past that, I was bitten by the removal of large numbers of drivers from 2.6.24 because of firmware licence issues (specifically, the acenic driver, which is needed for this machine's GigE NIC). I'm currently rebuilding the kernel package with that driver re-enabled, which should get albeniz.d.o back for porter use.


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