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RE: Multia VX40 VX41 VX42 UDB Memory

>No idea about the ram for the alpha, but I think what you are
>remembering about caching and ram was the old intel 430VX(and TX)
>chipset, which had too short a cache tag which meant any ram above 64MB
>was uncached.  It didn't matter if you had 256K or 512k cache, it still
>wouldn't cache above 64MB.  I think one of the other 430 chipsets did
>have a difference in cache range depending on the amount of cache in
>the system.  It was entirely a case of crapy design by intel to make
>it cheaper.

Len Sorensen

Thanks for the information, I know there was something about L2 cache and memory but too much hardware and too many years to keep it all straight!

Todd Smith

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