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RE: Problem installing debian on alpha personal workstation

> Any device behind the bridge (that is in a 32bit PCI slot) is immune
> from the problem, so an add in controller would also work fine in DMA
> mode, although of course the SRM won't boot from it.  I have thought of
> using an add in card and using a very small IDE disk as a boot drive.
> Or maybe I can find a small scsi drive to use as a boot drive, and use
> an add in controller to run a large IDE drive from the 32bit PCI bus.  I
> just haven't got around to doing that yet.

Two other ideas:
a) Use a small Compact Flash Card with and CF-2-IDE Adaptor as /boot
b) Use an old SCSI-ZIP drive instead of the Floppy and boot from it

I have a AlphaStation using b) (as AlphaStations do not have IDE) and the
machine boots from a BSD-Partitioned ZIP-100 Disk containing /boot and aboot
partitions. The root file system is on a very large SATA (!!!) disk running
with a Silicon Image SATA PCI controller (~10 $) that works perfectly in a
PCI slot.
CF cards and (mostly not used) ZIP drives have very low power consumption,
hard disks spin all the time, even when not used anymore after boot (because
only /boot is on it).


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