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Re: Problem installing debian on alpha personal workstation - Resolved

Sorry to have bothered you with this. I kept some previous data on the / partition and the cause of the error was lack of sufficient disk space

Nele Custers schreef:

I'm in the middle of the installation procedure (wrote installation files to CDROM, booted the Alpha from the CD with SRM and successfully passed the first 10 steps or so of the installation, including partitioning).

However, when now trying to perform the "Install the base system" step, after a few minuts the installer starts to check packages (in alphabetic order) and troubles start when at the f with findutils. It gives an error "Debootstrap warning: ftp.freenet.de/debian/pool/main/f/findutils/findutils_4.2.28-1etch1_alpha.deb was corrupt". After this a lot of other packages give the same issue and it ends with a Debootstrap error (return value 1).

What can I do about this?

Kind regards


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