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Re: Debian on Alpha ES40

On Tuesday 01 April 2008 10.25:54 O-Zone wrote:
> I have some problems to report full debug because i have no net :-(
> I've notice, with lspci, that i have also an Adaptec (Formely
> DPT) SmartRaid V Controller. Maybe all disks are attached to this
> controller instead of SCSI SYM53C8xx ?
> I cannot found any driver for this Adaptec controller. Any hint ?
The module for DTP cards is dpt_i20. Is this module loaded? If not modprobe it 
and watch the output. In older AlphaServers is only the CD drive on the 
Symbios card and the disks on separate board sticking in a PCI Slot. So maybe 
you're lucky.

Regards, Adrian.

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