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java status on the ports

Besides m68k hopelessly being behind we do have serious problems on
alpha, arm and hppa.

 - on arm, the bytecode compiler (ecj) doesn't produce correct code.
   there is currently a workaround to build the package on arm using
   byte-compiled code built on another architecture.  Aurelian has
   more information on that issue.  Afaik not a problem on armel.

 - on alpha, we do have testsuite failures, leading to a non-working
   interpreter (see http://bugs.debian.org/464156). We can build
   gcj-4.3 and ecj, but nothing more (if ecj is built with gcj-4.3).

 - on hppa, we do see bus errors trying to run the interpreter, plus
   new testsuite failure (see http://bugs.debian.org/464160).

Any help to fix these ports is appreciated, having a replacment for
gcj on these archs is fine as well.

Test results on all other architectures look fine.


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