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Re: Alpha power supply

On Thu, Jan 31, 2008 at 05:57:21PM +0100, Daniel Franganillo wrote:
> We've running several alpha Ds-10 with Debian..until now :/
> One of them had its power supply broken and we are kind of reluctant to 
> pay 300 bucks for another one (original). Damm HP, grrr.
> Is there a way to 'hack' an ATX power supply so it can offer the same 
> conecctions as the Ds-10 original power suplly?
> If not maybe is time to change...:_(

Well the answer is almost certainly yes.

You just have to find out which voltages the original does on each wire,
and then figure out which wires on an ATX power supply map to those and
hook that up right.

You also have to fiddle with the wires to make the ATX power supply be
on all the time since it is normally triggered by the motherboard of a
newer system to turn on, but as far as I know simply shorting together
the power on control wires makes the power supply be on.  This is
assuming the alpha doesn't have a similar and compatible power control
already.  If it uses an old mechanical switch then you will have to
start using the mechanical switch found on (most) ATX power supplies on
the back.

I would be surprised if they need any voltage not provided by an ATX
power supply (+/-12, +5, +3.3, +5 standby)

ATX power supplies use this colour code (at least if they follow the
black = ground
red = +5V
yellow = +12V
blue = -12V
orange = +3.3V
purple = +5V standby power
grey = power good signal
green = power on power supply when connected to ground (so connect to a
black wire to turn on)

The hard part will probably be to get the pinout of the alpha power

Len Sorensen

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