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Re: Linking against libm-2.5.so ?

Thanks for the heads up...

I also thought it is possible to use both the GNU and the BSD style (I may have the names wrong) hashes in an image?


Steve Langasek wrote:
On Mon, May 14, 2007 at 08:10:30PM -0400, Tom Evans wrote:

I'm using the Debian stable with libc from unstable. When gcc tries to link against libm.so, I get an error stating that it is an invalid format.

objdump -x on /lib/libm-2.5.so also gives the same message ....

Am I missing something here?

You'll also need the binutils from unstable.  etch->lenny is making what
appears to be a bidirectionally-incompatible change in the hash table format
used in ELF objects, so you need matching glibc and binutils from the same

I've voiced concerns about this, but so far no one has anything smoother
than "document it in the release notes, and maybe make glibc conflict with
old binutils".


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