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Re: Workaround for percpu, relocation errors with SMP kernels

Hi John,

On Mon, May 14, 2007 at 07:39:43PM -0400, John Morrissey wrote:
> In case anyone else is interested in a kludge/workaround for this, attached
> is the patch I use locally to apply the percpu data patch and build the IPv6
> and Netfilter modules staticly (= not as modules), as these have been the
> only problematic modules on Alpha SMP that I've run into.

> Some caveats:
> - This patch will only build a -smp kernel, since that's all I need.
> - The ABI check was complaining; I didn't bother making it happy in a proper
>   manner, but rather shut it up by commenting it out.

Well, very much a kludge. :)  The patch already in the BTS for raising the
size of the percpu storage is much cleaner, but it hasn't been applied to
the Debian kernels yet because so many of the modules that fail to load
because of percpu also fail with the percpu fix because of relocation
problems that I don't have a handle on.  But ISTR that it did fix the ipv6
module in particular, so it might be worth trying for you?

Of course, building a static kernel will bypass all of the relocation
problems as well, so that's certainly an option for folks being hit by this.

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