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Re: Soundconfig with etch

On Wed May 2 2007, Roman Rupp wrote:
> Hmmm... is it possible to configure this module with alsaconf and pass
> the parameters (io, irq, dma) manually? Or is there something with dpkg?
> Or which files i must edit manually?

If you are using 2.6, you can just drop a file into the "/etc/modprobe.d" 
directory with a line in like "options <driver> [options]"

See the man page for "modprobe" and "modprobe.conf" for more details.


PS:  On my machine (that uses the snd-es18xx driver) I have:

tyson@whitehead:~$ cat /etc/modprobe.d/tyson_misc
options snd-es18xx isapnp=0

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