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Fw: (SOLVED) 4.0u0 and testing crash during install on Lynx

Because the list manager has failed to add "Reply-To" headers to any messages, I have ended up talking only to Steve, which was not my original objective.

I'm posting this here so that it gets archived and that people know that my problem is solved. (Yeah, I want the Internet to remember that I hate PCI SCSI RAID controllers. :-D)

I'll probably also have a chat with the list server admin about Reply-To. Lack thereof is, IMHO, a Bad Thing(tm), and this would be the first ML without. (Yup, just about all the other lists I'm on are served by either Majordomo or Mailman...)

~~ Ondra

-------- Original Message --------
From: 	Ondřej Hošek <ondra.hosek@gmail.com>
Subject: 	4.0u0 and testing crash during install on Lynx

Steve Langasek wrote:
If you can get some readable output with the text interface, I'll see what I
can do to help fix it, or at least direct the bug report in the right
With a slightly esoteric-looking setup (RDP from machine A to machine B because A didn't have a serial port, serial connection from B to Alpha for SRM console, Debian installation on Alpha's VGA console), I found out that it was a crash in the PALcode. The machine worked after removing the PCI SCSI RAID controller (Mylex DAC960, as far as I remember correctly), getting as far as the hard drive detection and then aborting because I didn't have any disks installed. :-D

I'll have to toy with the integrated disk stack. As far as I can tell, you can connect it to the on-board SCSI controller either as one probably-RAID-0-array (with up to eight disks) or two such arrays (four disks each, probably a RAID 1/0). The current mode (as the box came from the General Hospital in Vienna/AUT) is two-arrays where the first would-be array had no disks and the second array was connected to the Mylex. I'll have to replace two elements on the disk stack's PCB (a terminator and a jumper) to switch it to one-array mode, which I'll probably do tomorrow (if time and toolset allow).

I'll get rid of all PCI RAIDs since I absolutely don't feel like having to shove them up an x86, reconfigure crap, put it back into the Lynx and wait for it to fail for some esoteric reason. I wonder how all the patients survived with THAT piece of hardware governing the storage. :-D

Thanks again for your patience. Once the system is up and running, I'll drop a line so that everybody here knows Debian Testing works with Lynx.

~~ Ondra

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