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Bigger Problems


Recently I asked the group about Debian-Alpha RAID and I've received some good answers however I'm unable to try the solutions since a bigger problem has occurred. I had successfully built the system a few times trying different options etc however now every time I try to build the system now I get stopped by "are you sure you want to replace the kernel", "you'll need to load all the modules again", "not all the software has loaded correctly" messages and I cannot complete the build. I've tried network builds, CD builds, and replacing the hard disk but nothing seems to work. I'm trying to start with a clean disk each time through the partitioner dialog. Help!!

Todd Seeleman


  Todd Seeleman, Systems Analyst
  Penn Graduate School of Education
  3440 Market Street, Rm 477        email: seeleman@gse.upenn.edu
  Philadelphia, PA. 19104-3325      phone: 215-573-8378

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