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Re: alpha raid?

Todd Seeleman <seeleman@gse.upenn.edu> writes:

> Greetings,
>    I'm investigating using Debian-alpha to replace tru64 unix on our
> DS-20 & Alpha 1200 servers (old iron for sure).  During installation
> of Debian 3.1r0a for alpha when I arrive at disk partitioning I don't
> see options for LVM or RAID type partitions.  The documentation states
> they should be available and a search for "RAID" in the debian-alpha
> list results in no hits.  What's up?  Is Debian for alpha able to do
> RAID or not?
> Todd Seeleman

There should be an option to use manual partitioning, some preset,
some preset with lvm and maybe others.

Then if you choose manual then you only get the option to configure
raid, lvm or crypted partition when you have a physical device
configured for it. That means you select a disk or partition and set
the "use for" to raid, lvm or crypted. Once you do that a new menu
entry will magically appear at the top that lets you go further.

Maybe not the best way to implement it but that is how it is for etch.


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