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build failure on alpha

tag 410537 help

I need help diagnosing this build failure.  

As I mentioned in my initial plea for help, last November,
[http://lists.debian.org/debian-alpha/2006/11/msg00024.html], the
previous version built on alpha and this current version is a tiny
bug fix in a completely different region of code.  Moreover, the
package is building on all architectures except alpha.  In my
experience, this is the signature of a toolchain bug so I'd really
appreciate someone with alpha knowledge to help.

The other reason I'd really like someone with an alpha to help me is
that there are no accessible project machines that I can use to debug
this.  Falk Hueffner kindly provided me a login on his personal
machine.  However, that machine is turned off at night, the period
when I am most likely to need it.  In three attempts, I haven't
managed to hit a time when it is available and I don't have a
predictable enough schedule to arrange a time in advance.

Grateful for any help offered,

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