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Re: Hello! (and zombie processes...)

Yes the packages are working for me too.

I can confirm that Zombies are gone on my UP1100 based axp computer.
Nice work. Now that patch just has to be accepted and included in those
"official" libc debs too :)


Paul Slootman wrote:
> On Tue 20 Feb 2007, Stan Lewis wrote:
>> If someone wants to give these packages a whirl I've put them up at:
>> http://gashcrumb.homelinux.org/tmp
> I installed the libc6.1 and libc6.1-dev.
> The zombies I was getting from clamav-daemon are now gone!
> Good work :-)
> I used to have a cronjob that restarted clamav-daemon every hour,
> to prevent the zombies filling up memory... (this is my mail gateway /
> firewall).
> Paul Slootman

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