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Re: floor() broken on EV4?

On Feb 20, 2007, at 16:11, Steve Langasek wrote:
Maybe everyone except me knew to have math-emu loaded?  I was
kind of surprised it was not built-in.  Is this intended?

Hmm, I would guess it was modularized with the idea that it was unnecessary
bloat in the kernel for newer CPUs that don't need it?

I tend to disagree with this, because the cost on systems that don't need it is very small, whereas the RAM penalty of modularization on systems that
/do/ need math-emu is comparatively high.  Unfortunately, this config
setting has been unchanged since at least July 2005 when the Debian kernel configs were first centralized, and changing the setting will change the kernel ABI, so this realization probably comes too late to fix for etch r0.

Whose idea was it that the result of these instructions without math- emu loaded should be to silently give the wrong result? Seems to me generating a fault (and maybe logging a message) would be far better... is that something that can be changed, at least?


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