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Hello! (and zombie processes...)

Hey all!

I've just gotten a Compaq XP1000 last Friday and have been working on getting 
it set up to do audio work.  I've run into the same problem that I guess a 
few people have with zombie processes getting created every time a thread 
exits, and I've tried a few ways of getting this sorted out on this box, 
including installing the version of libc6.1 from expiremental.  That didn't 
go so well, this machine became way unstable.  I tried sticking with just 
what's in sarge, but the kernel version is just to old to get decent low 
latencies with the jack audio server.

So I've managed to get a build of the glibc-2.3.6.ds1 source package with the 
patch that fixes the zombie process problem (can't remember whose e-mail that 
was in) built and running here on this box I'm setting up.  It fixes the test 
code that was submitted for bug 325600, and I'm waiting for all of KDE to 
download to see if any zombie processes show up then.

Anyway, I've noticed that there's mails in the list as recent as December, so 
I figured I'd throw these out there, if anyone's interested in either the 
source package, .debs or the steps required to rebuild the source .deb, let 
me know!



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