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off: AS1200 memory upgrade


Sorry for the off, as the topic is not strictly Debian, but i'm a bit confused with my google results... I have an AlphaServer 1200 (bought it 2 weeks ago) and wanted to upgrade the memory. It came with 2 128MB sticks, 256MB total. I recently found 4 relatively cheap (but still IBM branded) 64MB registered ecc modules (tested in another system, they work), but 'show memory' says:

0  DIMM  256        0
1  DIMM    0 20000000 - not configured properly
2  DIMM    0 40000000 - not configured properly

The manual states that only 2x32MB and 2x128MB kits work, but some google results say that 2x256MB kits also work. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

Tamas Csillag

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