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Re: [continuing support for] EV4?

--- Marc Zyngier <maz@misterjones.org> wrote:

> As a desktop system, you're probably right.
> As a server/appliance, EV4 is powerful enough for
> lots of current > tasks. [...]
> EV4 is old and slow, yes. It's just not quite dead
> yet. So please > don't kill support for EV4.

Indeed! What he said. Please don't kill the EV4 yet.

EV4's may not have the speed edge they once had, and
even at FREE (plus electricity) they may no longer be
the cost effective way to get a 64-bit CPU for
off-budget computation. However, they're still working
   Long after I retire my EV4 & EV4.5 systems from
compute-server use, I expect they and the spares
supporting them will live on as appliances of some
sort. I'll probably rearrange the spareparts to make a
EV4 firewall / router / bastion-edge-server.

[ The fact some of my EV4's need a serial boot console
gives my collection of antique NCR-3125 pen-tablets
something to do is a plus. Antique symbiosis! ]

Bill Ricker

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