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Alpha available in Sydney


The UCC recently sent a UP2000+ (dual 833MHz EV68AL Alpha with 2GB ram) 
over to Sydney for hosting. Unforuntunately the offer fell through, but 
our loss could be your gain! Is anybody in taking this machine off our 
hands? We have several more just like it and don't want to ship it back to 

It's in a full-length 3RU rackmount case and is rather noisy, and 
comes with 2 9GB SCSI drives. There's also a CY82C693 IDE controller, but 
it's very slow so you'd be better off with an addon PCI IDE controller if 
you want to use large IDE disks.

Preference would be given to people planning to use it for something 
Debian-related, but so long as it's going to get used we're not really 
fussed where it ends up.

James Andrewartha

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