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Re: D-I: two failed recent installations - please check


>On Saturday 20 January 2007 00:35, Ulrich Teichert wrote:
>> Sorry to do a follow-up this late, but I had the opportunity to test a
>> d-i daily build netinst CD (2006-12-15) on a DEC Personal Workstation
>> 433au (ATAPI CD-ROM) and on a 600au (SCSI CD-ROM).
>> Both booted the installer without setting any option.
>Good to hear. So the installs were successful, or did you just boot the
>installer and not actually run the installation?

I've ran the installation up to the partitioning step on both machines,
and on the 433au I changed the partitioning, but did not continue.
I currently need the 600au, but I could do a minimal install on my
433au, if that helps. I think the AS4100 would be more interesting ;-)

>> Maybe the
>> reporters had boot_osflags variables set inside the SRM environment?
>> These old values would have been overridden by the "-fl 1".
>IIRC there were follow-ups to both reports that confirmed that. This is
>now documented in the installation guide (thanks to Steve Langasek):

Ah, great. I did not look at the bugreports, I only saw that there were
no definitve answers on both lists.

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