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Greetings all,

I apologize if this has been covered recently, but I've fallen out of
touch with my Alpha mailing lists.

Does any of the current Alpha distros have a need for donated
machines? I have two or three Alpha machines which are living in a
closet right now and desperately need of a good home. I'd feel bad
throwing them away and they're hardly worth selling anymore, so I
thought I'd check here to see if one of the groups maintaining Alpha
Core or CentOS on Alpha could use them. 

They are: 

AlphaStation 255 4/300
UDB Multia 233 (with the run of the mill power issues)
Ultimate Personal Workstation/AS1200 dual 5/533

I'm offering these machines free of charge to whomever wants them
under the following conditions. You must be able to demonstrate that
you've contributed to supporting or developing Alpha Linux or an Alpha
Linux distribution at some point past or present. And, you must be
willing to come retrieve the machine(s) from Chicago, IL or make
arrangements to have it shipped to you.

None of the machines have been parted out, so they're pretty much
ready to run (drives, nics, video and scsi are all still in
them). They'll be provided as-is with no warranty or support.

Please contact me off-list if you're interested.

Ryan Schaefer

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