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Alpha SMP status

Hi all,

Some of you may be aware that SMP has been broken on Alpha for most of 
2.6. As of linux-image-2.6.18-3-smp, I'm pleased to report that it boots 
and runs acceptably because scsi_mod is compiled in (bug 369517). However, 
things like ip_conntrack and ipv6 are still broken - inserting them gives 
errors like "Could not allocate 8 bytes percpu data". This explains why 
all the scsi drivers were broken - scsi_mod also couldn't allocate percpu 
data and so wasn't loaded. As with scsi, you can work around this by 
compiling them (ipv6 etc.) in to the kernel rather than as modules.

Anyway, this points to the core of the problem as being something to do 
with percpu data. Hopefully this narrows it down enough for someone 
familiar with the kernel to have a go at finding and fixing the problem.

Thanks again to the alpha maintainers, and extra thanks if you can sneak a 
fix for bug 402253 in before etch (I even included a patch ;-).

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