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Re: error in installation manual

On Fri, Dec 01, 2006 at 08:30:36AM +0100, cz 172638 wrote:
> two days ago i started installation of debian on alphaserver via tftpd.
> first day i wasn't successfull, because boot ewa0 didn't worked.
> looking into netbsd manuals for setting tftpd, i found, that 'set
> ewa0_protocol bootp' will not work. right command is 'set
> ewa0_protocols bootp'.
> then tftp download begin, when you enter 'boot ewa0....' command,
> instead of transmitting dec-mop request packets.

Please file a bug report using "reportbug" against the appropriate
package. If you read this on some general documentation (e.g. on our
web pages, in the installation manual, the release notes etc.) choose
a virtual package listed here:



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