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libjit alpha port needs support

Greetings Fellow Alpha Enthusiasts,

Over the summer Thomas Cort, mentored by Kirill Kononenko, did the
initial work to port libjit[1] (a GPL'd just in time compiler library)
to the alpha architecture as part of Google's Summer of Code. libjit
already works well on x86 systems and is a subproject of DotGNU[2]. At
present, the library can be used on Alpha systems to compile functions
that do simple integer math, but there is still much work to be done
(floating point support, optimizations, and much more). We are looking
for people who are interested in helping finish the port and have
alpha knowledge (assembly language and a general understanding of the
architecture). If you want to help, please introduce yourself to us by
e-mail (off list please). The libjit alpha port is currently
progressing without funding. Monetary donations would encourage us to
spend more time on libjit. If you would like to sponsor development,
please contact us via e-mail (off list please) to arrange goals,
define deliverables, and setup a payment schedule.

Thomas Cort <linuxgeek@gmail.com>
Kirill Kononenko <kirill.kononenko@gmail.com>

[1] http://www.southern-storm.com.au/libjit.html
[2] http://dotgnu.org/

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