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anyone want this? combo pci card: dual uw scsi + ethernet

I have one of these available to anyone who wants it and is willing to
pay shipping:

DEC/Compaq/HP part number 30-49225-01

This is a DEC branded PCI card, its got dual ultra wide scsi
controllers and a 10/100 ethernet interface on it.  it was made for
use in an alpha, i believe all alphas with a PCI slow will support it
from their firmware (my sx164 and lx164 certianly do).  The scsi
adaptors are symbios 53c875s.  The ethernet is the DEC 21140-AF tulip.

two internal 68pin UW scsi connectors, one internal 50pin connector.
two external 68pin low profile external scsi connector.  one external
rj-45 for the ethernet.

-greg  (remove the mysterymeat when replying to me)

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