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Re: Bug#335483: Sorted out the problem - sort of....

Andreas Feldner <pelzi@flying-snail.de> writes:

> in the meantime, I made a bug report direct to the gimp-print people:
> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?
> func=detail&atid=101537&aid=1555517&group_id=1537
> After longer discussion and several tests, it turned out that the
> problem would vanish the very moment I built the debian package from
> its debian sources (note: including the debian patches!).

That's really, really strange.  It certainly explains why I couldn't
reproduce it or fix it.

I'll forward this to the debian-alpha folks.  Is the alpha buildd
toolchain and the build environment completely up-to-date?  This bug
has been around for at least one year.

> So it appears, the problem comes from a broken debian build
> environment, or, at least a build incompatible with my machine (a
> 21164a).

There is likely some difference between your system and the buildd.
If we can find that and fix it on the buildd, that should clear this
problem up.


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