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Re: RES: Xorg on testing. Still not working. Tested on G200 matrox. No Go !

On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 07:55 +0300, Joni Bäcklund wrote:
> I hope the 7.1 has some kind of correction for this. At least according
> Xorg website there were 64bit corrections there.. Just might be that  
> they are for X86_64 based systems though.. :(

Well, some good news in that regard. I believe the corrections were
alignment cleanup and fixing. I may be mistaken, but this is typically
good for many 64 bit platforms. Especially with me using quite a few
64-bit platforms. Sparc, Alpha, IA64, (I believe HP's) PA and now X86_64
(a few Opterons and Athlon64 processors).
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