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Re: Kernel IEEE Math Completion (everything is zeroed!?!)

From: Bob McElrath [mailto:bob+debian-alpha@mcelrath.org]

I don't seem to reproduce the problem on 2.6.15.
0/0 = nan
1/0 = inf
9.99989e-321/2 = 4.99994e-321

On 20/06/2006, at 8:57 AM, Donsbach, Jeff wrote:

Fwiw, I get the exact same results as Bob on an EV56 (miata) running a
2.6.15 kernel. Gcc version is 3.4.4.

Likewise I get the correct results on an EV67 (XP1000, tsunami) running the standard linux kernel This is using gcc 3.3.5.


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