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Re: updated kernels / miata sound

On Tue June 6 2006 05:11, Michael Cree wrote:
> Unfortunately I can't get that kernel to work on the XP1000 - I'm not
> using the onboard scsi and I specifically compile kernels such that
> it can't load the Qlogic scsi controller module (since the qlogic
> module barfs randomly and badly on this machine).  The debian kernel
> loads the qlogic controller, presumably misnames all the scsi discs,
> and fails at the pivot_root.  If I knew how it named the various
> discs I might be able to give a boot parameter to find the root drive.

Ah.  On second reading, it looks like you already know about the 
qlogic/qla1280 thing and are just having problems stoping Debian from 
automatically loading the bad qlogic driver.  Sorry about that earlier email.

What system are you using to build initrd images?  I use yaird.  Once you 
mange to boot off of a correct initrd with it, it gets any future ones it 
builds correct (it examines the /sys directory to figure out what drivers you 
are currently using and uses them).

To get the first one working I just:

1) Manual decompressed the one it build (which was just a gzip cpio 
image -- "gunzip -c </boot/image> | cpio -i" extracts it to the current 
2) Copied "/lib/modules/<kernel-version>/kernel/drivers/scsi/qla1280.ko" to 
the "lib/modules/<kernel-version>/kernel/drivers/scsi" directory on the 
extracted image.
3) Edited the init file to load the qla1280 driver instead of the qlogic one.
4) Rebuilt the image ("find . | cpio -o | gzip > </boot/image>" -- creates an 
image from the current directory).

You can do similair stuff with the other initrd builders (include possibly 
just having to editing the configuration file).


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