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Re: updated kernels / miata sound

On 29/05/2006, at 2:46 AM, Tyson Whitehead wrote:

On Sun May 28 2006 01:51, Michael Cree wrote:
I don't get any sound out of the system at all. Running one of the
alsa sound test programs (speaker-test) produces no sound, and
eventually the kernel starts barfing error messages "Bad page state"
with much unilluminating hex numbers (is this an oops?).

Yeah. That should give you some white noise. Any chance you didn't unmute the appropriate channels and turn up their volume (see alsamixer -- 'm'

Oops. So long since I have had the sound running that I completely forgot that alsa has the ridiculous default of muted sound.

I just tried the alpha-alsa.patch mentioned earlier in this thread but it
makes no difference.

Well that does work for me.

And I've just realised that the patched module I compiled and installed was never loaded as I had an older kernel still running on the system. I will have to run the tests again, and will also try the patched debian kernel you recommend. It will be tonight (NZ time) before I can do that.


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