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A couple of installations questions


Alpha DS10 (TSUNAMI,Webbrick) , CPU 21264 466Mhz.

I am planning on ditching my Tru64 in favour of Debian. The plan is 
to re-use the machine for DNS and some other services. 

My first question is will I need a graphics card? My alpha doesn't 
never had one and I was wondering if this is going to be an issue. I 
have always used the console or telnet to access it. There is also 
talk of buy a KVM switch and I am not sure how that would work out.

My second question was about the boot loader. I can't see my system 
type listed in the Console Support types (~alpha/ch05s01.html). I 
have tried, and failed to get aboot. As I had planned to buy the 
installation media, do I need to take this step?

Also can anyone confirm that Debian can run on a DS10 hardware?

Sorry for mega-newbie questions.

Dermot Paikkos. 


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