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Unable to find mouse and ide controller after 2.6 kernel transition

Hello to all
I am running debian stable on alphaserver DS10.
As I installed the new debian 2.6.8-2 kernel, the kernel does not see anymore the on-board ALi IDE controller, that I use for the /home partition.

For the 2.4 kernel
lsmod | grep ide-disk
ide-disk               22452   1
ide-core 139560 1 (autoclean) [ide-disk ide-detect ide-cd alim15x3]

For the 2.6 kernel
lsmod | grep ide_disk
ide_disk               26360  0
ide_core              175468  3 alim15x3,ide_disk,ide_cd

Also the mouse which used to be in /dev/psaux is gone, and in /dev/input, I just have 'event0' which seem to be the keyboard.

Am i loading the right modules for ide and mouse ?


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