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[uncurbed@swipnet.se: Re: Modules not compiled in new kernel?]

fine to hear that everything is ok.

again please keep the cc list intact.

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maximilian attems skrev:
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>On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, Conny Enström wrote:
><snipp old message>
>>I see, thanks it seems like this is a 'unstable' package, thats why I 
>>did not find it with apt.
>>I suppose you ment this: 
>yes it's also available on backports.org
Yes I alredy got all that working.
>>But why do I need 'busybox' (Tiny utilities for small and embedded 
>>systems) ?
>>I will try yaird or the unstable package initramfs if I can get apt to 
>>work with the unstable mirror.
>we use the busybox internal sed and awk.
>why does this dependency pose a problem?
I just got 'apt-pinning' to work in my system, byt when i compiled the 
first kernel I forgot to include RAM-disk support, and now the kernel 
don't work at all. But I got the deb package to work.

But I can't compile a new kernel because some issue with glibc 
in the begining of  make.
Seems like I must do a downgrade on the glibc unstable package or something.

But the kernel runs well but I have to insert the 'tulip' module 
for the network every boot.


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