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Re: Java Mustang Alpha Port proposal

On Wed, 2006-02-08 at 16:46 -0200, Michel Mozinho wrote:
> I have many troubles in use of "generic" JDK's(sablevm, kaffe,etc) in
> my Debian Alpha, since dont run correctly for most recent aplications.

Have you tried cacao yet? It's in unstable, and reportedly works fine on
alpha. Check out #cacao on irc.freenode.org if you need hands on help,
they, too, are a very helpful bunch.

> I´m interested in porting of new opensource Java(Mustang) for Linux/Alpha.

It's actually not open source at all, by design. Read the license. See
http://www.advogato.org/person/robilad/diary.html?start=58 for an
overview of a few of the issues the license has. Most of them have not
been fixed yet, and are not going to be fixed.

> I think that it is a hard task for a only man...
> What they think?

Between simply fixing the free VMs and GNU Classpath to run the apps you
want perfectly on alpha-linux, and porting Sun's proprietary VM to a
platform where you'd have to write the jitter and a lot of the other
things from scratch without being able to release your code until it
works perfectly, and passes all the tests ... I think the first option
is a lot better and easier for a single person than the second one.
YMMV, of course. ;)

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