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Re: DS20 Worth trying ?

Dear Roberto.

> ... but have been offered a nice DS20 in a small cabinet (E model)
> lately that i could use as a second machine at home.

I don't know the DS20, I own a DEC Personal Workstation 500 AU running at 500 
MHz (and an Alphastation 500, 266 MHz (?)). Google told me about a DS20 at 
500 MHz.

> Unfortunately, i am very unaware of the state of "desktop computing" on
> the alpha.
> Should I dust off my SRM handbook and go for it ?

On the PW 500 AU, I am running Debian 3.1 (=Sarge, stable). It works fine, I 
use this machine as a DVD burner. One big problem (graphics, see below). 
Performance is ok for me, I like that machine.

> BTW, i could use some advice on decent video adaptors that work on the
> Alpha,
> I remember hunting down a PCI Radeon back in 2002 (long gone) ,
> and getting  DRI  going  after a lengthy fight with gcc optimisations
> that produced broken code ....

I use the original Powerstorm card - true color mode (yes, it works!). I have 
a problem with KDE applications - the colors are totally wrong, you can't 
read anything. Gnome works fine. Cannot remeber to have seen this problem 
with Debian Woody (=3.0), as fare as I remember I used the KDE desktop with 
Woody. Library problem? Don't know enough about graphics to solve the problem 

Running KDE applications over the network - no problem.

I did not check any other true color PCI graphics - but I don't think it's a 
Powerstorm specific problem.

So try and get that DC20 ;-)



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