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Re: smp problems on AlphaServer 4100

On Fri, Jan 27, 2006 at 11:10:31AM +0100, DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre wrote:
> Bill MacAllister wrote:
> > I probably would not be futzing around with this system at all if it was
> > stable.  Even though I can boot a 2.4.28 smp kernel and a 2.6.8 generic
> > kernel, neither is stable.  The system kernel panicked in the middle of
> > the day again today.  I have been fighting stability problems since I
> > left the last official Red Hat release, 7.2.

> I have read on news (likely comp.os.linux.alpha) that RH 7.2 may be the only 'known
> to be be stable' system for Alpha.

How nice of you to be repeating hearsay.  There are some of us that have
been using Debian on alpha without any stability problems for *years*. 
There are certainly some issues with particular hardware drivers in 2.6 that
affect common alpha hardware, but the only reason to recommend RH7.2 is that
it has an older -- and completely unsupported, security-wise -- kernel.  If
you want *that*, you should be able to get it just as well with an old
version of Debian as with an old version of Red Hat...

> > I have seen notes about qLogic problems.  This system now has two qLogic
> > controllers in it.  I don't have log files or debugging output it does
> > seem like this is a qLogic problem.  Currently the system seems to have
> > problems when it gets busy.  I thought that with 2.6 the driver was
> > supposed to be supported again.

> to me, 2.6 driver is an untouched fork of a 2.4 one: people seemed to copy the file
> without actually paching it against 2.6, cf source. From my experience, I would say
> that the driver has so many issues and interractions that Linux may hang without
> being able to tell it hanged due to QLA10xx-isp driver.

If you have concrete information about problems with this driver, please see
bug #313552 in the BTS.  I ended up working around the problem on my own
system by throwing an Adaptec 2940 into my system (which I was then
surprised to find that SRM could see just fine), but I'd like to have that
controller back for the system I lifted it from.

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