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Re: smp problems on AlphaServer 4100

On Wed, Jan 25, 2006 at 11:14:24PM -0800, Bill MacAllister wrote:
> Yes, it does look similar and this system has two qLogic cards in it.  I 
> won't get a chance to try and build a kernel myself on this system for a 
> couple of days at least.  (My wife was relatively ticked off that I didn't 
> get home until 5am.)  One thing that does seem different is that the boot 
> failures that I was ending up with were not kernel panics, but file not 
> found before the boot really got rolling.  Although I am sure I saw a 
> kernel panic once or twice in the seemingly thousands of boots I tried last 
> night.

> Though, it still is hard for me to believe it isn't just something that I 
> am doing wrong.  I have only a fuzzy idea of how things should look in / 
> and /boot for this to work.  I saw a not that indicated that when you have 
> / and /boot on different partition you need to make sure the links in /boot 
> are okay and the links from / to ./boot don't matter.  But, apt-get is not 
> creating any links in /boot only from / to /boot.

Try setting 

  link_in_boot = Yes

In /etc/kernel-img.conf and reinstalling your kernel image.  This ought to
be the default on alpha given that the default with d-i is to create a
separate /boot partition, but it's one of the little things that just didn't
get done in time.

You definitely do need to have your symlinks on the same partition as your
kernel for aboot to see and follow them.

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