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Re: "no link beat found" on digital alpha-station 255

On Tue January 24 2006 10:30, Uwe Schindler wrote:
> I have solved this type of configuration by setting the wrong modules
> to the blacklist of hotplug/udev. The right module is then in /etc/modules.
> If you do not put the modules into the blacklist, udev/hotplug will
> load the *WRONG* module additionally (leads to crash/problems).

That was definetly a problem in the earlier Debian udev package, but I believe 
it has been fixed in the latest (or semi-latest) release.  In particulair, 
the following line is now in /etc/udev/hotplug.rules file, so the system 
should not try and load drivers for devices that are already claimed:

# check if the device has already been claimed by a driver
ENV{PHYSDEVDRIVER}=="?*", GOTO="hotplug_driver_loaded"

If this is in there and it is still insisting on trying to load a second 
driver, you might need to upgrade your kernel (only the very latest 2.6 
kernel versions export all the information required by the latest udev to 
user space).


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