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Re: 2.6 kernel on pws433au

At 16:03 13.01.2006, Patrick Caulfield wrote:
Jaakko Linnosaari wrote:
> Patrick Caulfield wrote:
>>Has anyone got a recentish 2.6.x kernel to work on a pws433au box ?
> Yes. My PWS433au box runs fine with 2.6.15. The kernel package is now
> available at http://testoapina.tky.hut.fi/kernel/ if you want to take a
> look.

Thanks very much for that - much quicker than compiling a new kernel!

But that kernel won't boot either. I just get tons of I/O errors scrolling on
the display.

Maybe the disk really is shot and only 2.6 can see the problem ? (2.4 is
fine). Maybe I'll try and dig out a different disk sometime.

We do not know which type of scsi controller your machine has. If it is the mentioned QLogic ISP1020/1040 then the following could be the problem:
* Linux 2.4 uses the "isp1020" module for this controller
* Linux 2.6 had isp1020 until version 2.6.9 (in Debian until 2.6.8-1, later Norbert backported the modified qla1280 from 2.6.10 to debian stable 2.6.8-2). Since then the new driver "qla1280" is used. isp1020 is no longer in use because of a missing error handler and no maintainer that supported that module. In recent kernels I think it is completely removed!

So I exspect the following:
* The old isp1020 driver has no or only minor error handling, so the errors do not appear on Linux 2.4 * Linux 2.6 uses now qla1280 with correct error handling -> errors are detected and are displayed (I guess the errors with your disk are no fatal ones...)

I have seen the follwing with my Alphastation because at first it missed a terminator at the outside end of the SCSI card. Linux 2.4 didn't see this. Linux 2.6<=2.6.8-1 showed a error message at boot about missing error handling in qlogicisp. When I then updated to the new kernel driver (about one year ago) the scsi driver showed sometimes some non-fatal errors. I terminated the bus and since then all is OK. Before I also had some serious file system corruption in EXT3 because of the missing error handling.

Could it be that there is some SCSI termination problem that is not detected by the old qlogicisp driver in 2.4?

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