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Re: 2.6 kernel on pws433au

# Patrick Caulfield sprak:
> Wouter Rademaker wrote:
>> # Patrick Caulfield sprak:
>>>Has anyone got a recentish 2.6.x kernel to work on a pws433au box ?
>>>All the latest Debian kernels get as far as identifying the SCSI disks
>>>start kicking out IO errors and SCSI reset messages.
>>>To make matters worse they seem to corrupt the superblock of the root FS
>>>so I have to boot the installer (which runs 2.4 and seems to be fine)
>>> and
>>>e2fsck it before it will boot off that disk again.
>>>That's with the the Debian kernels 2.6.10 & 2.6.11.
>>>When I tried to compile my own kernel it failed to link :(
>> I have no problem on my PWS600a / Miata GL with any recent 2.6 kernel
>> but
>> what kind of PWS / Miata do you have?
>>  o  There are at two different and distinct variants of PWS / Miata, and
>> usually refered to by their internal hardware project names.
>>  o  The Miata MX5. The Miata MX5 variant has no USB ports and no
>> on-board
>> SCSI on-board and a Intel SIO chipset. The Miata MX5 -a series typically
>> came with DEC branded Adaptec 2940UW SCSI controllers, Matrox Millennium
>> graphics cards, no L3 cache module, and an Toshiba IDE CD-Rom.
>>  o  The Miata GL. The Miata GL variant has USB ports and on-board SCSI
>> and
>> a onboard Cypress IDE chipset.
> Mine has no USB, an Qlogic ISP1020 SCSI card (which I think is the
> problem,
> cos the drivers
> for that card have always been a bit dodgy IME) and a TGA2 graphics card
> (replaced with a trio64V+).
> I don't want to stray too much from the original cards because I need it
> to
> run VMS too!
> --
> patrick

You can still find Adaptec 2940UW-cards.

I wish you good luck with VMS, because I can't get it stable on mine.

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