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OT Hardware question - cpu fan problems with as1200

Hello -
I have an as1200 (533au2 actually) with dual cpus.  One of the cpu fans went bad, and the system shut down because it detected that the fan had failed.  I looked up the fan and found some specs on it (but not rpm!), but can't find anyone who sells the exact same fan.  I found a similar fan (kind of slow though - 3600 rpm) and installed it.  Stupidly, I never imagined that dec would do things different than everyone else (lol); well, i didn't change the position of the leads, and the fan didn't work.  In fact, I fried the little ic in the fan (sends the rpm signal?).  I put the leads where they should be, and the fan worked, but the system still said fan failure, and shutdown.  I figured it was the fried ic in the fan, so i tried two more fans of different speeds (3600 and 4800) and still the system said fan failure.
So now i have a uniprocessor system :(

Is it possible I damaged more than  just the fan?  Like something on the cpu daughterboard, or even on the mainboard? 

Is there a way to disable the fan failure detection, at least on one of the cpu's?

Or, does anyone know where I can get the proper fan?



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