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Re: aboot question

Install aboot - If your configuration in /boot/etc/aboot.conf has the number 0 (or whatever, this is the number you have to type in at the aboot prompt), you can configure SRM (not aboot!) to pass this number as argument to aboot.

To boot this from SRM console:
>>> boot -flags 0 (if number is 0)

to automatically boot without waiting in SRM configure SRM with the following settings:
>>> set boot_osflags 0
>>> set auto_action boot

If you then want to cancel boot you have to press Ctrg-C at exact the right position during boot process (typically when the message about starting cpu 0 occurs). Try it more often if it does not work (just a warning when setting this auto-boot options to on).

To disable auto-boot:
>>> set auto_action halt

the setting boot_osflags can be left to 0, with it you can simply type "boot" in srm to start aboot with configuration "0". To go again in aboot interactive mode type "boot -flags i".

It is even possible to set boot_osflags to the full kernel command line, in that case you even do not need a aboot.conf (but this is created automatically at debian install).


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Is there any way to make aboot automatically start a kernel image ala
GRUB?  The Alphaserver I just got working will be in a colo, and I won't
have a serial console accessible to get it to boot a kernel image.


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