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Re: Booting from external ATA controller

I have a Alphastation 500/500 using a Silicon Image 3112 PCI 32bit card - the controller works great with alpha linux (speed on this box is 35 MB/sec, the qlogic internal controller had only 10 MB/sec).

SRM lists the controller as a SCSI controller when typing "show dev" and assigns it an ID, so "boot ID" should work - but it doesn't. The problem is that SRM only sees the controller, but no harddisks at it (the SCSI inquiry name of the Seagate Barracuda HDD is not shown in "show dev", for real SCSI disks I see the name).

So I boot from a small SCSI disk at the QLogic ISP1020 controller and later use the SATA controller for my data when linux loaded the driver in its initrd/hotplug.

The best would be to use a compact flash card to boot from, but they are not compatible with SCSI controllers - an SCSI to ATA adapter would do it but is too expensive, so the small "boot-only" system disk is OK. Or you boot with a floppy disk (Alphastation has 2,88 MB floppy) that contains the kernel and initrd with the sata_sil driver.


At 12:17 24.11.2005, you wrote:

I wonder if it is possible to boot alpha (Miata, 164LX) from a disk
attached to a PCI ATA/SATA controller, which can be found in stock,
something like Silicon Image 3112.

Alexander Kotelnikov
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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