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Re: Boot without auto-starting X

Robert Oram <Debian@RobertOram.com> writes:

> Quick question.  I was trying to upgrade the kernel on an Lx-164,
> and somehow lost my mouse.  I was messing with /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 and
> now have lost my keyboard!  Is their anyway to stop it during the boot, 
> before it auto launches X, so I can fix it?

You could set the initial runlevel by giving a number or "single"
or "emergency" as an argument to /sbin/init; chances are there
is some runlevel on which init won't start X.  Linux passes
unrecognized arguments to init, so you should be able to set
these in your boot loader.

Alternatively, log in via a network or a serial port.  If X not
only grabs your keyboard but actually crashes the OS so that
these channels don't work, consider pulling the video card out.

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