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Description of error codes or tech manual for XP1000 wanted

Hi folks,

I messed up a bit with my last mail, so simply ignore it and reply to this one :-)
I have a Compaq XP1000 which refuses to boot. It doesn't even show anything
on neither serial console nor video. It produces a beep code and some output
on the diagnostic leds, though. The beep code is 1L 3L 3L 1L, the error leds 
read 0101 1111 (D14->D21).
Can anyone tell me, what those codes mean or, better yet, point me to a resource
which explains beep- and error-codes? A description of the DIP-switch-blocks
would be nice as well. The documentation openly available at HP is quite poor.
( http://h18002.www1.hp.com/alphaserver/workstations/retired/xpseries/xp1000/index.html )



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